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(As on July 14, 2009, since the registration of the organization in 2006)

Total Members In UPFWA (Registered) 1308 *

(Including states of A.P, Orissa, W.B, Delhi, Karnataka)

Central Committee 7
Deacon Board (Men) 12
Women’s Committee 7
Deacon Board (Women) 7
Ministerial Staff 7
Total Coordinators 483 (Including states of A.P, Orissa, W.B, Delhi, Karnataka)

* Pastors.

The immediate family of the registered members are also eligible for the benefits availed by the registered members.


Church Constructions 65 (In part or full)
Medical Aid 2400
Educational Aid 2750
Widow Welfare 245
Pastoral Support 1000
Meetings 240  (Actual figure may vary)

The Statistics provided above is a record of events that happened in the past after the registration of the Society. Much of the background work had been done by the Bishop himself over the past 20 years without an organization, committee, advisors, offices, coordinators etc.